How to remove tourists from photos

To minimize the presence of crowds in your photos and preserve the artistic effect, you can follow these steps:

Set up your camera on a tripod to ensure stability and consistency in the composition of the shots.

Take photos at regular intervals, such as every 10 seconds, for a total of 15 shots. This will capture multiple instances of the scene.

Transfer the photos to your computer and open Adobe Photoshop software.

Go to File > Scripts > Statistics. In the dialog box that appears, select "Median" as the stack mode.

Click on "Browse" or "Add Open Files" to select the photos you want to process. Photoshop will analyze the images and identify the differences between them.

Once the analysis is complete, Photoshop will create a composite image by stacking the photos and removing the elements that vary between them, such as the moving crowds.

The resulting image will display the static elements, effectively removing the unwanted presence of crowds and preserving the desired scene.

By using the "Median" stack mode in Photoshop, you can eliminate the moving elements and retain the static background, providing a cleaner and more focused representation of your artistic vision.