Need to change your phone because your phone is slow? Experts recommend 3 tricks to easily resolve the problem

 Mobile phones will slow down after being used for a long time, causing some people to want to abandon the old one and replace it with a new one. However, they do not know that the problem can also be solved through repair, thus saving you money. A repair expert who specializes in refurbishing old mobile phones says most people overlook the "number one reason" why their phones slow down.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, Kewin Charron, chief refurbishment manager of "Back Market", a repair company for iPhone and other electronic products, said that one of the primary reasons that affects the speed of mobile phones is that many applications (Apps) are all running "invisibly".

Solve the problem of multiple apps running "behind the scenes"

Today's phones contain more applications (Apps) than ever before, and if you install a lot of them, they can slow down your device.

When these apps run "behind the scenes", they consume the phone's system memory (RAM) and CPU, thereby slowing down the entire phone. And users often don't even realize that some apps are running. To solve this problem, you should visit your phone's Settings menu to restrict which apps can and cannot run "behind the scenes."

Both iPhone and Android users can adjust settings to automatically control and prevent apps from running "behind the scenes."

Apple users can go to Settings > General > "Background App Refresh" and then prevent some apps from updating content "behind the scenes". You can also choose to turn off the "Background App Refresh" option completely.

Make sure your phone has enough storage space

Another typical reason for a slow phone is that the phone's storage is almost full, which means the phone has less memory to use, which can slow it down.

"A phone requires about 10% of available storage space to store cache and temporary files, which allow apps to run smoothly on the phone. Having available storage space also means you can keep your phone software up to date."

To clear space, Charron recommends deleting old apps (especially games that take up a lot of space), deleting videos, or moving them to cloud storage.

First, back up your phone. Then, restore the device to default settings and finally restore the backup version.

This will clear the cache and clean up other storage on your phone. In addition, you can also uninstall and reinstall individual apps.

Make sure the battery is working properly

Battery issues are another common reason why your phone may be running slow. Even newer batteries can fail, especially with heavy use. Unfortunately, the display on your phone may not always show what's actually going on inside the battery.

If you have an iPhone, in the Settings section of your phone, decide if your phone needs repair by checking its battery health. A typical iPhone battery should retain 80% of its original capacity. But as the battery ages, this percentage may decrease. If your battery isn't functioning properly, consider replacing it.

For Android users, if the battery performance is not good, it is worth replacing the battery instead of replacing the entire phone. There are also many battery optimization features that most users are completely unaware of. Thankfully, on iOS and Android, it's easy to turn off battery-draining apps and optimize your phone with just a few simple settings tweaks.